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About Me

My name is Zoë. I'm a writer and digital artist from North Carolina whose interests in art and music, like many current creatives, were reinvigorated in the midst of the pandemic.

As I spent more and more time at home, I began to rely on music as a means of escaping this despair and loneliness we were all feeling, or even finding a way to understand it. Eventually, as I listened to more albums and got to do more research about my favorite artists, I got inspired to combine the two things that were keeping me sane: anime and the album covers of this beautiful music I kept discovering.

Drawing these renditions of album covers naturally lead to the creation of Scribble Pals, a not-at-all-serious collection of doodle-inspired characters from my childhood, and from now.

Through my art, just as I started, I hope to commemorate what makes me happy, as we need happiness and even the simple discovery of a new favorite song now more than ever before.

Thank you for visiting my page!

-Zoë /Mobius Makings

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How do you choose what albums you do?

It's a mix of how much I like the artist/album versus how much I like the look of the album itself. I have an on-going list of albums I plan on doing, which you can find here!

As for what draws me in, I love colors. I love seeing what the artist/model is wearing and what they're holding and how it relates to the rest of the album. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to find that Tori Amos has a dead chicken hanging behind her in Boys For Pele or the dragon with butterfly wings also has a gummy worm tail in Trippie Redd's Trip at Knight, but it's these details that are the most rewarding to put in.

Do you take requests/commissions?

Yes and yes!

Sometimes, I'll ask for requests on Facebook or Instagram depending on what kind of stuff I want to work on. If I like the artist as well, I'll of course be more likely to do it. While I don't do everything suggested to me, I do at least look and consider all of them.

If you want to jump ahead of that line, however, I do take commissions and I take them all the time! Albums range anywhere from $35 to $50. For more information, message me!

Do you really listen to all of these albums?

To an extent, yes! I've liked at least one track from each album that I've done. If I don't like the music, I won't draw the album.

To find the full playlist featuring my favorite track from each album, click here!

Who is your favorite artist?

Bjork is my all-time favorite and the reason why I started this collection. Post is my favorite album of hers! I also really enjoy hyperpop such as 100 gecs, SOPHIE, Alice Longyu Gao, and Charli XCX. Other notable artists I love include Joanna Newsom, Kero Kero Bonito, Gorillaz, Grimes, Beck, Lil Nas X, and Sade.

Can I download your album art for free?

No :)
I beyond appreciate it whenever my work is shared, but please credit this page when you do. If you want a digital copy of an album/scribble pal, PLEASE MESSAGE ME FIRST, and we can potentially work something out.

Why are some of the songs missing from the Spotify playlist?

I try putting in everything available based on what I've done from my library. As of now, Joanna Newsom and De La Soul's full discographies are not available on Spotify, but they still have tracks linked in the gallery via YouTube. While the primary platform I showcase alongside my work is Spotify, I'm currently looking into how to implement other streaming services, such as YouTube and Apple Music.

Is there anyone/thing you won't draw?

Truly, there are only three things I won't draw:

1. Any album that I don't actually like myself. To do something that I feel indifferent about doesn't do my work or even the musician themselves much justice.

ex. I'm probably never going to do an album from Marina and the Diamonds despite the four attempts

2. Anyone who has profited in their career as a result of abuse and/or, you know, a bad person? R Kelly will never get an album. Crystal Castles will never get an album out of respect for Alice Glass, and so on.

3. Anything too grimey or dark, yuck :(

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